Charity within the project

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Charity within the project


A great deal of people in Russia are convinced that the only people doing charity are those people who want to aearn money and some benefits for their popularity.

The desire to organize charity events during the Fashion Day’s show appeared together with the wish to help my friend and colleague, musician Nikolay Ivanov from the village Tonshalovo of the Cherepovets region. 15 years ago he was in a horrible accident and now he is fighting for his life.


To our events, we invite successful and active people who, having heard about someone’s grief, are eager to offer their invaluable help and support.

In April 2013, during the spring-summer fashion show, we introduced for the first time a prizes-for-all lottery where all the guests bought tickets, and all the raised funds were remitted to Nikolay Ivanov. The same charity event was organized during the autumn-winter fashion show of Fashion Day’s on the 25th of October 2014. This time all the raised funds were divided between the sport club for disabled people in the city of Cherepovets and the girl from a large family Angela Chernova for whom we bought a computer and a printer. All together we contribute to helping people in need and will continue doing it forever on.


The Fashion Day’s project shows its gratitude to Vera Senko – the chairman of the Cherepovets’s city branch all-Russian public organization “Russian Red Cross Society”; Vera Senko leads all these activities on a voluntary basis.


All together we contribute to people in need and forward will continue to do it.



# 25.10.2014